The Observatory on Caucasus (OC) is a Project launched in November 2007 by CIRPET, the Research Centre on Emerging and Transition Countries of the University of Turin (Italy).

Since its foundation, CIRPET carried out researches on Eastern Europe and the Balkans, but the growing importance of the Caucasus region led the former Director (Prof. Carlo Boffito) and the Coordinator of CIRPET (Marco Ranieri) to launch this project. The main aim is to publish researches and papers concerning the Caucasus and create a network of scholars interested in this area. Similar motivations also let Prof. Boffito and Mr Ranieri to set up another project, the Observatory on Central Asia (OAC).

Scholars involved in research of the Observatory on Caucasus (OC):

Marco Ranieri (OC Project Manager); Research area: Caucasus www.marcoranieri.eu

Gaetano Cervone (University of Florence); Research area: Georgia

Claudio Pellegatta (KOTRA - Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency, Milan); Research area: Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh View Marco Ranieri www.marcoranieri.eu's LinkedIn profileProfile

Joanna Jablonska (International Consultant); Correspondent from Baku, Research area: Azerbaijan

Hashim Gafarov (PhD candidate in Political Science at University of Ottawa, Canada); Research area: Azerbaijan

Prof. Ali Jabbarov (Nakhchivan Private University, Azerbaijan); Research area: Azerbaijan

Prof. Zulfugar Zulfugarov (Nakhchivan Private University, Azerbaijan) Research area: Azerbaijan

Prof. Polad Aliyev (Nakhchivan Private University, Azerbaijan) Area di ricerca: Azerbaijan

Emrah Altinkaya (Vice President of Qafqaz University Energy Research Center, Azerbaijan); Research area: Azerbaijan

Aykhan Mustafayev (International Research Club - Qafqaz University, Azerbaijan); Research area: Azerbaijan

Nazim Dadashov (International Research Club - Qafqaz University, Azerbaijan); Research area: Azerbaijan

Shamkhal Abilov (International Research Club - Qafqaz University, Azerbaijan); Research area: Azerbaijan

Alessandro Etzi (University of Naples L'Orientale); Research area: Armenia

Massimilano Costa (Intern MAE-CRUI Programme, Baku); Research area: Azerbaijan

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Last update: 4 April 2009